Workshop Photos|Bradenton&Beaches FL Photographer

Here they are……all from Brianna Graham’s FABULOUS workshop held in Ybor City (Tampa) last Sunday and Monday.  It was POURING just as we took to the streets to photograph the models – but we got the job done!  The rain and cloudiness actually produced gorgeous lighting……we just had to duck and run between overhangs!

Giving the ProPhoto3 new slideshow feature a whirl here……

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Karen - April 6, 2010 - 12:05 am

These are gorgeous, Stacey! Great work!

JodyM - April 6, 2010 - 10:40 am

Stacey, these are fantastic. All so different and it looks like everyone was having a blast. I’m glad to hear it went so well especially with all the negative things I’ve been reading about workshops lately.

Trisha - April 6, 2010 - 11:57 am

So jealous you got to go! What an awesome opportunity to learn from one of the best!

Dawn Alderman - April 6, 2010 - 12:52 pm

Awesome new blog, and some really gorgeous shots! Congrats!!

rachael - April 6, 2010 - 1:43 pm

awesome shots!

Deanna - April 6, 2010 - 1:49 pm

I am so jealous of you getting to go to this workshop!! None of the good workshops come to canada!

Kelly - April 6, 2010 - 5:51 pm

Looks like an amazing workshop! You got some fabulous shots!

Kanani - April 6, 2010 - 6:49 pm

These images are GORGEOUS! Glad the workshop was fun and informative for you!

Michelle - April 7, 2010 - 1:06 am

Great photos!

Sari - April 7, 2010 - 12:17 pm

These are great Stacey! Looks like it was a great workshop. Love the new blog too!

Charlene - April 7, 2010 - 12:26 pm

Great photos! I am so glad that you had fun and got to learn so much. The pictures look fantastic.

Melissa - April 7, 2010 - 1:03 pm

Stunning images!

Kelly Klatt - April 7, 2010 - 3:55 pm

These pictures look fabulous Stacey! LOVE the new blog-it looks amazing!

Jen - April 7, 2010 - 7:25 pm

LOVE your new blog!! So fresh and vibrant!

Nicki - April 8, 2010 - 5:22 pm

These are great! Jealous that you got to go to this workshop!

Amy - April 23, 2010 - 3:56 pm

Great photos! I am so glad that you had fun and got to learn so much. The pictures look fantastic.

BG in Action at the Tampa, FL Workshop

I’m just about done editing my photos from Brianna Graham’s amazing workshop last Sunday and Monday in Ybor City and came across these…….this was Brianna in action, directing the group of four young girls.  I was off to the side a bit and couldn’t really get a straight-on shot, but decided to take a couple of Brianna and the others as they were shooting.  She was fantastic with the girls – she effortlessly got them to interact with her and one another and boy did they laugh and tickle each other when Brianna gave her signals and did her countdowns.  Fun!

Did I mention already that it absolutely POURED that day?  I did have an umbrella, but it’s not an easy feat to shoot and hold an umbrella.  We were lucky to have overhangs outside, and some nice, natural light coming inside the building thanks to the big windows.

Edited photos should be up tonight or tomorrow!

Thank you BG – it was AWESOME!

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Kelsey - April 6, 2010 - 6:15 pm

Lucky girl!! I am thinking about hitting up her WS in Utah!

Mandy Leonards - April 7, 2010 - 8:08 am

Looks like so much fun!!

New Blog and a Recap of Fave Photos

I finally purchased a ProPhoto3 blog and I LOVE it!  It’s really easy to work with and to customize.  I won’t be incorporating my old blog into this one, so I thought I would do a recap of some of my photos from the past few months.  I will also be adding recipes on this site from time to time since I can’t keep up with an additional recipe blog, lol.

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Kari Holt - April 2, 2010 - 7:07 pm

Gorgeous, gorgeous work, Stacey!!! Your new blog looks fabulous, too 😀 Congrats on all of your success!

Lamb Chops with Asian Pear-Kiwi Salsa

What do do when you have too many kiwis?  Make a salsa!  This is a recipe of mine that was published by Bon Appetit magazine way back in April of 1999 – I’m not sure where time goes, but I do remember the “Asian pear” being a new-fangled kind of fruit, lol.  As a disclaimer, this recipe was tested in their professional kitchens so it really will come out just right!!
Note:  It looks like Asian Pears have grown in size and the ones I saw and purchased have the name “Apple Pear” on their produce stickers.  I only had to use one large one.  They have a nice light taste – sweet and crunchy.

Lamb Chops with Asian Pear and Kiwi Salsa

2 small Asian pears (or 1 large “Apple Pear”), cored, diced

3 large kiwis, peeled and diced
6 tablespoons dried cranberries
1/4 cup chopped green onions
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 tablespoons honey (divided)
3 tablespoons fresh chopped mint (divided)

8 1-inch thick lamb rib chops (I used regular loin chops instead)

Combine pears, kiwis, cranberries, onions, and lemon juice in a medium bowl; mix in 2 tablespoons of the honey and 2 tablespoons chopped mint.  Season salsa to taste with salt and pepper.  Let stand 30 minutes,
tossing occasionally.

Preheat broiler.  Brush chops lightly on both sides with remaining 1 tablespoon honey; sprinkle with salt, pepper, and remaining 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint.  Broil chops until cooked to desired doneness, about 5 minutes for medium-rare (I cook to medium always, so about 6 to 6 1/2 minutes).

Transfer 2 lamb chops to each plate.  Spoon salsa alongside and serve.

Makes 4 servings

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