P Family Beach Session | Longboat Key & Bradenton FL Photographer

This beautiful and fun family hails from Canada and this session was a gift to the parents who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  Funny story on how the daughter came to choose me as their photographer….she was searching online and viewing websites and when she came to mine, she saw their relatives – also from Canada – on my blog whom I had photographed the previous summer!  I love their images and the weather just barely held out for us, but on the other hand, gave us some great light.

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M Family Beach Session | Longboat Key & Bradenton FL Photographer

This beautiful family was visiting Longboat Key from Illinois recently and we managed to get our session in before it started to rain. Their son was adorable……right down to his nifty shirt and shorts.  The whole family looked GREAT and this is a wonderful example of what to wear for a beach session.  I hope they’ll be back soon – and with their new addition to the family!  Congratulations!

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Food Photography & Styling | July 2013 Challenge | Seasonal | Sarasota-Bradenton Food Photographer

Hey friends!!  As usual, I am rushed this month as I need to pack for another trip to Boston.  Wasn’t sure if I was going to make this month’s food photography and styling challenge with The Inspired Plate, but I was determined to do so!!!!  This month’s theme is “seasonal” which is a tricky one here in Florida because most produce goes OUT of season at this time of the summer.  I asked the Sarasota Farmer’s Market folks, and Googled as well to find that there were actually a few fruits and veggies in season in July…..dragon fruit and watermelon were on the list.  Dragon Fruit?!?

Hmmm….I have never used dragon fruit.  The Fresh Market in Bradenton carried it this past week so I purchased it, hoping to come up with some type of recipe!!

Being that it’s hot and humid, a cold, refreshing soup came to mind.  I combined watermelon and dragon fruit, along with lime juice, agave nectar, ground coriander, and cayenne pepper.  I added a splash of lemon-lime Perrier……but really wanted to add a big splash of Prosecco – and I would have if I wasn’t leaving for Boston in the morning!

The swirl of crème fraîche just added a beautiful bit of richness.

And then I shot this outside.  In 90 degree temps and humidity off the charts.  After JUST arriving home from the salon with a – well what was  - a perfect salon blow-out.  Oh. Well.

If  I had time?!?  I would have added a champagne glass to demonstrate the Processo in the soup, and perhaps a glimpse of the bottle.

Please venture along our blog circle to see what the other ladies came up with!  Next up is the fabulous Jayme Franklin, San Francisco Bay Area Food Photography - her work is absolutely gorgeous.




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Jennifer Olson | Pretty-Eats - July 29, 2013 - 11:18 am

Stacey, love these colors!! I’ve never tried a soup like this but you’ve inspired me for our next heat spell!! YUM!

Kim - Liv Life - July 29, 2013 - 11:24 am

Oh, Stacey! I always love the mood your photos bring. I just want to sit down and enjoy that soup with you. I’ve never tried dragon fruit, but I’m loving the combo you have here. Beautifully done!

Kat - July 29, 2013 - 11:35 am

What a beautiful color! That looks so refreshing.I love the dish and napkin you styled it with, it goes perfectly.

Laurie - July 30, 2013 - 4:32 pm

WOW Stacey!! The colors are so gorgeous.. it makes your food pop!! I have never had this kind of soup.. you are so creative!!! I’ve had cold peanut butter soup. :) But never a fruit soup, although I have a recipe for cantaloupe soup. I have got to get more creative!! Great post!!

Tammy Bilodeau - August 5, 2013 - 10:14 pm

Ohh looks so yummy Stacey. Such a pretty colour soup and I love the bowl you’ve used. Great work :)

My New Favorite Store | Longboat Key-Bradenton FL Photographer

When I fell in love with the food photography and styling work of cookbook author Béatrice Peltre a couple of years ago or so, I also set out on a mission to find those fun, funky plastic spoons that she uses in many of her bright and vibrant images she showcases on her blog.  And when I was crazy lucky to attend one of her food photography and styling workshops last summer in NYC, do ya think I would have asked her?!?  No, ugh.  So I continued my search, checking kitchen specialty stores and party supply websites to no avail.

I grew less enthusiastic and hopeful of stumbling upon them after such a fruitless search.  That is, until I ventured to the quaint town of Camden, Maine last month……..


My spirits were renewed by Camden’s charming historic downtown and the visually appealing storefronts…..I spied beautiful linens in one, and happily noted kitchen specialty items in another.  I was on the hunt!!  Again!!  Lafe was indeed the most patient man evah as we combed through each potential spoon-discovery store only to be let down one after another.

And then we ventured into the last probable store – Jo Ellen Designs.

Talk about gorgeous!!! The shelves and tables held a bounty of stunning tableware, cookbooks, and beautiful home accessories. I saw Béa’s cookbook La Tartine Gourmande on one of the display tables and struck up a conversation with the owners about her NYC workshop and how fantastic it was. They showed great interest in that and invited me to take photographs of their store which I happily did.

While I was navigating between using my DSLR and my iPhone, Lafe called to me and held up a spoon and asked me if that was kind of like what I was looking for.  Kind of?!?  IT WAS!!!!!!!!  It was IT!!!!!!  I’m not sure if I screamed or yelped or something equally as embarrassing and unladylike, but I became wildly and uncontrollably giddy!!!!  I thought at first that maybe that was the only style available….but then we started circling back around the store with “new” eyes and sure enough, at almost every display, were more spoons in a different color or pattern. Needless to say, I bought 16 of them……

It’s an AMAZING store!! Jo Ellen Designs is located at 21 Main Street in Camden, Maine and is a must-stop if you enjoy fine tableware and home accessories. It’s also a prop stylist’s dream come true!! Thank you for letting me wander throughout the store taking photographs and I hope my travels take me to Camden again very soon!

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bea - July 8, 2014 - 3:47 am

Just discovering your post now Stacey! Love it. Thank you! I will stop at the shop when I head North!

admin - September 1, 2014 - 2:47 pm

I do hope you have the chance Bea!! :)